Social Highlights festival

Photo Mosaic

Let your guests get creative with a photo mosaic wall. After getting their picture taken at the booth or by one of our photographers, images are then printed out and stuck onto the grid. Guests will love watching as their photos are collaged together to create a live artwork. There is no limit on size, make a mosaic as big or small as you want, and you can even add personalized branding anywhere on the larger than life photo wall.

Turn it up a notch with a real-time social mosaic that is revealed at the end of the event. Guests are invited to upload their photos publicly with your Instagram event hashtag, which they can do either via their own device, our onsite device or a unique event URL. 

Add your own unique brand messaging with customisable overlays, hashtags, or even fully branded photo galleries online.

The social mosaic can either be displayed digitally or automatically printed out with overlay ready to be laid on the grid.

Photo and Social Mosaics are ideal for activations, launches, corporate events, retail unveilings, and to grow community and brand awareness.